William Le Queux

The Works Of William Le Queux

SKU Format Title ISBB
7001 hard copy Secrets of the Foreign Office 978-1-906140-00-7
7002 hard copy Sant of the Secret Service 978-1-906140-01-4
7003 hard copy Revelations of the Secret Service 978-1-906140-02-1
7005 e-copy Secrets of the Foreign Office 978-1-906140-04-5
7006 e-copy Revelations of the Secret Service 978-1-906140-05-2
7007 e-copy Sant of the Secret Service 978-1-906140-06-9
7008 e-copy German spies in England 978-1-906140-07-6
7009 e-copy Number 70 Berlin 978-1-906140-08-3
7010 e-copy Luck of the Secret Service 978-1-906140-09-0
7011 e-copy Rasputinism in London 978-1-906140-10-6
7012 e-copy Rasputin the rascal monk 978-1-906140-11-3
7013 e-copy The Death Doctor 978-1-906140-12-0
7014 e-copy The Mystery of the Green Ray 978-1-906140-13-7
7015 e-copy The Luck of the Secret Service 978-1-906140-14-4
7016 e-copy The Terror of the Air 978-1-906140-15-1
7017 e-copy The Zeppelin Destroyer 978-1-906140-16-8
7018 e-copy Invasion 1910 978-1-906140-17-5
7019 e-copy Rasputin The Minister of Evil 978-1-906140-18-2
7020 e-copy The Idol of the Town 978-1-906140-19-9
7021 e-copy Three Knots 978-1-906140-20-5
7022 e-copy The Money-Spider 978-1-906140-21-2
7023 e-copy The Crystal Claw 978-1-906140-22-9
7024 e-copy The Devil's Carnival 978-1-906140-23-6
7025 e-copy Zoraida 978-1-906140-24-3
7026 e-copy The Crooked Way 978-1-906140-25-0
7027 e-copy No 7 Saville Square 978-1-906140-26-7
7028 e-copy The Price Of Power 978-1-906140-27-4


seq/n Title Original Publisher Year First Published
1 Guilty Bonds Routledge 1891
2 The Temptress Tower 1895
3 Zoraida: A Romance of the Harem Tower 1895
4 Devil's Dice. White 1896
5 Who so Findeth a Wife Ditto 1897
6 A Madonna of the Music Halls Ditto 1897
7 The Eye of Ishtar Ditto 1897
8 If Sinners Entice Thee Ditto 1898
9 The Great White Queen White 1898
10 Scribes and Pharisees Ditto 1898
11 The Veiled Man Ditto 1899
12 The Bond of Black Ditto 1899
13 Wiles of the Wicked Bell 1899
14 The Day of Temptation White 1899
15 England's Peril Ditto 1899
16 An Eye for an Eye Ditto 1900
17 In White Raiment Ditto 1900
18 Of Royal Blood Hutchinson 1900
19 The Gamblers Ditto 1901
20 The Sign of the Seven Sins Lippincott 1901
21 Her Majesty's Minister Hodder 1901
22 The Court of Honour White 1901
23 The Under-Secretary Hutchinson 1902
24 The Unnamed H&S 1902
25 The Tickencote Treasure Newnes 1903
26 The Three Glass Eyes Treherne 1903
27 The Seven Secrets Hutchinson 1903
28 The Idol of the Town White 1903
29 As We Forgave Them Ditto 1904
30 The Closed Book Methuen 1904
31 The Hunchback of Westminster Ditto 1904
32 The Man from Downing Street Hurst 1904
33 The Red Hat Daily Mail 1904
34 The Sign of the Stranger White 1904
35 The Valley of the Shadow Methuen 1905
36 Who Giveth This Woman? Stoughton 1905
37 The Spider's Eye Cassell 1905
38 Sins of the City White 1905
39 The Mask Long 1905
40 Behind the Throne Methuen 1905
41 The Czar's Spy H&S 1905
42 The Great Court Scandal White 1906
43 The House of the Wicked Blackett 1906
44 The Mysterious Mr. Miller H&S 1906
45 The Mystery of a Motor-Car. Ditto 1906
46 Whatsoever a Man Soweth White 1906
47 The Woman at Kensington Cassell 1906
48 The Secret of the Square White 1907
49 The Great Plot Hodder 1907
50 Whosoever Loveth Hutchinson 1907
51 The Crooked Way Methuen 1908
52 The Looker On White 1908
53 The Pauper of Park Lane Cassell 1908
54 Stolen Sweets Nash 1908
55 The Woman in the Way Nash 1908
56 The Red Room Cassell 1909
57 The House of Whispers Nash 1909
58 Fatal Thirteen Paul 1909
59 Treasure of Israel Nash 1910
60 Lying Lips Stanley 1910
61 The Unknown Tomorrow White 1910
62 Hushed Up Nash 1911
63 The Money-Spider Cassell 1911
64 The Death Doctor Blackett 1912
65 Fatal Fingers Cassell 1912
66 The Mystery of Nine Nash 1912
67 Without Trace Ditto 1912
68 The Price of Power Hurst 1913
69 The Room of Secrets Ward 1913
70 The Lost Million Nash 1913
71 The White Lie Lock 1914
72 Sons of Satan White 1914
73 The Hand of Allah Cassell 1914
74 Her Royal Highness H&S 1914
75 The Maker of Secrets Ward 1914
76 The Four Faces Paul 1914
77 The Double Shadow H&S 1915
78 At the Sign of the Sword Jack 1915
79 The Mysterious Three Ward 1915
80 The Mystery of the Green Ray Hodder 1915
81 The Sign of Silence Ward 1915
82 The White Glove Nash 1915
83 The Zeppelin Destroyer Hodder 1916
84 Number 70, Berlin Hodder 1916
85 The Place of Dragons Ward 1916
86 The Spy Hunter Pearson 1916
87 The Man about Town Long 1916
88 Annette of the Argonne Blackett 1916
89 The Broken Thread Lock 1916
90 Behind the German Lines Mail 1917
91 The Breath of Suspicion Long 1917
92 The Devil's Carnival Blackett 1917
93 No Greater Love Lock 1917
94 Two in a Tangle Hodder 1917
95 Rasputin, The Rascal Monk Blackett 1917
96 The Yellow Ribbon Hodder 1918
97 The Secret Life of the Ex-Tsaritza Odhams 1918
98 The Sister Disciple Blackett 1918
99 The Stolen Statesman Skeffington 1918
100 The Little Blue Goddess Ward 1918
101 The Minister of Evil CFassell 1918
102 Bolo The Super-Spy Odhams 1918
103 The Catspaw Lloyds 1918
104 Cipher Six. Hodder 1919
105 The Doctor of Pimlico Cassell 1919
106 The Forbidden Word Odhams 1919
107 The King's Incognito Odhams 1919
108 The Lure of Love Lock 1919
109 Rasputinism in London Cassell 1919
110 The Secret Shame of the Kaiser Blackett 1919
111 Secrets of the White Tsar Odhams 1919
112 The Heart of a Princess Ward 1920
113 The Intriguers H&S 1920
114 No 7 Saville Square Ward 1920
115 The Red Widow Cassell 1920
116 The Terror of the Air Lloyd's 1920
117 Whither Thou Goest Lloyd's 1920
118 This House to Let H&S 1921
119 The Lady-in-Waiting Ward 1921
120 The Open Verdict H&S 1921
121 The Power of the Borgias Odhams 1921
122 Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo Cassell 1921
123 The Fifth Finger Paul 1921
124 The Golden Face Cassell 1922
125 The Stretton Street Affair Cassell 1922
126 Three Knots Ward 1922
127 The Voice from the Void Cassell 1922
128 The Young Archduchess Ward 1922
129 Where the Desert Ends Cassell 1923
130 The Bronze Face Lock 1923
131 The Crystal Claw H&S 1924
132 Fine Feathers Stanley 1924
133 A Woman's Debt Lock 1924
134 The Broadcast Mystery Holden 1925
135 The Marked Man Lock 1925
136 The Valrose Mystery Lock 1925
137 The Blue Bungalow Hurst 1925
138 The Fatal Face Hurst 1926
139 Hidden Hands H&S 1926
140 The Black Owl Lock 1926
141 Hushed Up ! Nash 1927
142 The Letter E Cassell 1926
143 The Mystery of Mademoiselle H&S 1926
144 The Scarlet Sign Lock 1926
145 Blackmailed Grayson 1927
146 The Office Secret Lock 1927
147 The House of Evil Lock 1927
148 The Chameleon H&S 1927
149 Double Nought H&S 1927
150 The Lawless Hand Hurst 1927
151 The Rat Trap Ward 1928
152 Concerning This Woman Newnes 1928
153 Twice Tried Hurst 1928
154 The Secret Formula Lock 1928
155 The Sting H&S 1928
156 The Amazing Count Lock 1929
157 The Golden Three Lock 1930
158 The Crinkled Crown Lock 1929
Title: other works publisher year
159 Strange Tales of a Nihilist Ward 1892
160 Stolen Souls Ward 1895
161 Secrets of Monte Carlo Tower 1899
162 Secrets of the Foreign Office Hutchinson 1903
163 Confessions of a Ladies' Man Hutchinson 1905
164 The Count's Chauffeur Nash 1907
165 The Lady in the Car Nash 1908
166 Spies of the Kaiser Hurst 1909
167 Revelations of the Secret Service White 1911
168 The Indiscretions of a Lady's Maid Nash 1911
169 Mysteries Ward 1913
170 The German Spy Newnes 1914
171 Cinders of Harley Street Ward 1916
172 The Bomb-Makers Jarrolds 1917
173 Beryl of the Biplane Pearson 1917
174 Hushed Up at German Headquarters Mail 1917
175 The Rainbow Mystery H&S 1917
176 The Scandal-Monger Ward 1917
177 The Secrets of Potsdam Daily Mail 1917
178 More Secrets of Potsdam Daily Mail 1917
179 Further Secrets of Potsdam Daily Mail 1917
180 Donovan of Whitehall Pearson 1917
181 Sant of the Secret Service Odhams 1918
182 The Hotel X Ward 1919
183 Mysteries of the Great City H&S 1919
184 In Secret Odhams 1920
185 The Secret Telephone Jarrolds 1921
186 Society Intrigues I Have Known Odhams 1920
187 The Luck of the Secret Service Pearson 1921
188 The Elusive Four Cassell 1921
189 Tracked by Wireless Paul 1922
190 The Gay Triangle Jarrolds 1922
191 Bleke, The Butler Jarrolds 1923
192 The Crimes Club Grayson 1927
193 The Peril of Helen Marklove Jarrolds 1928
194 The Factotum and Other Stories Ward 1931

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About William Le Queux

William Le Queux was a famous journalist, writer and celebrated novelist, a master of the spy genre, and a vociferous critic of Britain’s weak military defences before the First World War, known at the time and for the next twenty years as “The Great War”.


He is acknowledged as the principal precursor of that famous spy story author of the second half of the twentieth century, namely Ian Fleming.


His spy hero character Gerry Sant displays many of the personality traits of James Bond: ready for action, courage in adversity and ready to ‘mix it‘ with the villain of the piece. Sant’s behaviour towards women is more proper and genteel, as it would have been seen to be the respected ”proper” behaviour of the well bred English gentleman of the day.


William Le Queux had a major influence on contemporary British military policy in the first decade of the twentieth century and he raised its political importance in the domestic arena: he was one of the most explicit critics of British military, especially naval policy, which he regarded as dangerously weak in this part of the twentieth century. These criticisms run as a rich vein through his spy novels and reach a climax on the frightening reality of his classic military novels. Among his best-known works with a military theme are the anti-German invasion fantasies The Great War in England in 1897 (published in 1894) and The Invasion of 1910 (published in 1906). The latter was a stunning bestseller.


The political establishment tried to silence him …. in vain. His criticisms in the press and on radio anticipated the lone voice of Sir Winston Churchill who, just over twenty years later, was politically condemned for his damning exposure of Britain’s military weakness, then being known as the policy of “Appeasement” towards the growing forces of Fascism, especially Hitler and Nazi Germany.


William Le Queux was of Anglo-French parentage: he was born on 2nd July 1864 in London (United Kingdom) and he died on 13th October 1927 in Knokke (Belgium). His father was a French clothier and his mother was English.


William Le Queux is principally remembered as a journalist and writer. However he was also a diplomat and a traveller across Western and Eastern Europe and also across North Africa: his experiences and the knowledge gleaned from these adventures added a powerful sense of reality and considerable colour to the themes and narratives in his novels. His heroes were always on the move, visiting one exotic location or another. He was something of a flying enthusiast and a broadcasting innovator who transmitted music from his own little radio station at home long before radio became a popular medium.


William Le Queux was educated in Europe and studied in Paris. He undertook a wide ranging a tour of Europe as a young man before beginning his career by writing for French newspapers. In the late 1880’s, he returned to London to edit successively the magazines ‘Gossip’ and ‘Piccadilly’ before joining the staff of the newspaper ‘The Globe’ in the role of parliamentary reporter in 1891. In 1893, he gave up journalism to concentrate on writing novels, many of which reflect the racy urgency and speed of his journalistic style in his prose of his novels.


In the years leading up to World War I, his friendship with the powerful British publishing magnate Lord Northcliffe led to the serialised publication and intensive promotion of his “Invasion” writings such as ‘Invasion 1910’. This novel appeared initially in a serialised form in Northcliffe’s Daily Mail newspaper running from early March 1906. It was a huge success and the newspaper's circulation increased greatly. “Invasion 1910” has been translated since into over twenty languages and was one of the first novels to sell over one million copies. It made a small fortune for William Le Queux.


However, he was less than pleased about the German translated version which appeared in 1911: “Die Invasion von 1910”. This version had a different ending, concluding with a negotiated peace between the warring parties rather than the defeat portrayed in the original English edition, more acceptable to the sensibilities domestic of German readership at home.


Field Marshal Earl Roberts was an eminent and, by this time, retired soldier of the period and a forceful and trenchant critic of his successors’ military strategies. He makes an appearance in ‘Invasion 1910’ and is thought to have helped in the construction of the novel’s main themes and added a powerful sense of military reality to the events recorded in the English original book.


At the beginning of World War I Le Queux became convinced that Germans spies were out to assassinate him for exposing their nefarious plotting against Britain. He started to behave in a way which today we would almost describe as a ‘persecution complex’.

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